TC Tel offers a variety of products and services for various cabling environments.




Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optics have become an integral part of network infrastructures. Fiber Optic cabling can be utilized for different purposes, distances and installed in a variety of environments. TC Tel has the knowledge to determine the right type of fiber that should be used and the experience to get it installed with the lowest signal loss possible. We have partnered with distributors that ensure fast delivery of all fiber products so we can get you connected without delays.

Cable Repair and Re-Work

As contractors it is our job to not only ensure proper installation methods but make sure that the customer is 100% satisfied with our work. A contractor that maintains proper telecommunications standards ensures network reliability and room for future network growth. Unfortunately, some contractors do not follow industry standards and leave their customers with a cabling mess. A large portion of our work at TC Tel is cleaning up cabling projects old and new that were not done properly. Any residential or commercial customer that pays for a service, deserves the quality and care that TC Tel provides.

Following proper cable installation practices is crucial to the functionality and performance of any cabling system.

Structured Cabling

Our goal at TC Tel is to provide quality cabling solutions. We follow strict industry guidelines and practices to ensure we exceed our customers expectations and install cabling solutions that out perform our competition.

As Panduit certified installers we can provide network certification and 25 year manufacture warranties.

At TC Tel our focus is to work first hand with our customers to provide a solution that performs best for their work environment. We take pride in our cabling and our work speaks for itself.

Residential Installation and Repair

There are always decisions to be made when building or renovating a residential house. Communications cabling is something that is often overlooked. TC Tel can help you decide what cables are best suited for your needs and suggest locations that increase functionality and usability. We also have a variety of finishing products to go with your individual style.